Our partners

OKB Partners primary objective is to manage our business and our Limited Partners' capital-with care, discipline and patience. We strive to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Many of our investment vehicles, such as our commercial real estate holdings, are structured with longer term perpetual lives. This long range view enables us not only to ride out market cycles, but also to maximize value through operational improvements over time.

Stable, Professional Team

Investments are guided by a senior team with extensive industry experience and cross sector tenure. Our experienced and capable team is well equipped to navigate through numerous economic cycles and the challenges and opportunities they present. Each transaction receives the attention of one or more of our Senior Managing Directors, and typically the involvement of all principals and Chief Executive Officer, led by Obed butuk, and/or our team of professionals. OKB intends to continue opportunistically to add new members to the team and encourage fresh, innovative thinking. Regular meetings of all Senior Managing partners ensure that we share insight and intellectual capital throughout the firm.

Worldwide Operational Platform

As a committed proponent of investing on a worldwide scale, OKB intends to be a viable global partner especially in the rapidly growing markets such as China, India and Brazil. Today, we operate in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States. Our worldwide approach is to provide an expansive multi-national perspective. Our extensive global platform and network of international relationships will enable us to source investment opportunities virtually anywhere in the world for the benefit of our Limited Partners.

Diverse Synergistic Enterprises

Investors in our alternative assets benefit from synergies across OKB Partners spectrum of businesses, including Private Equity, Real Estate, Credit, Hedge Fund Solutions, Financial Advisory, Restructuring and Fund Placement. Our businesses are leaders in their respective fields, and our investment, advisory and financing activities are highly complementary. We will built a culture and organizational structure that facilitates the appropriate sharing of insights and investment themes among all of our businesses, coupled with the ability to bring our full financial and intellectual resources to bear in creating compelling value.

The IPO Advantage

OKB Partners exit strategy is to become a public company in 5 years after inception so as to further strengthen our value proposition to Limited Partners. The IPO is expected to yield permanent capital that will enable us to increase the firm's investment in our funds, aligning our interests even more closely with our investors. This capital can also be deployed to support growth in new regions and provide additional operating capabilities. Equity awards are an important means of attracting and rewarding key talent, and our approach to vesting ensures the stability of our team. We intend to maintain a "A" rating by our industry peers such as S &P and sustained balance sheet strength, no Limited Partner need worry about the strength or stability of its OKB General Partner.

Serving our Limited Partners will be OKB Partners guiding principle. We will never waver from this core believe and commitment.

If you have any questions please contact us at limited_partners@okbpartners.com

Thank you.